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America a country of contrasts that is characteristic not only determined by its dimensions parameters, but also the duration of the flight, the direction of its implementation and of course, the class of service. By purchasing a ticket  on Air-traveling and Early to stay with the car, you can go on an exciting journey through America ещ 2019 year , and all of this done in a few minutes, the new solutions search engines crawl the flights, hotels, car rental, give you the best results and then you book, pay flights aboard the plane and go on a journey. The average price for an air ticket to America in both directions starting at 250 Euro .The most beautiful place in America is an archipelago of Hawaii  is the 50th state of America, which consists of eight major islands. In total, the Hawaiian Islands are 132 islands. This archipelago in the Pacific Ocean stretches for 2,400 km. You can find online //air-traveling.com/ flights and hotels in one click and get into the warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches and active volcanoes that make these islands a popular destination for tourists, surfers and scientists. The official name of the state - The Aloha State. The word "Aloha" expresses welcome. More info here